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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Howdy. They changed BloggerBot and rather than learn how to use the new features, it's just easier for us to post photos using Google Web Albums. You can find the web albums at:

See you there!


Friday, March 02, 2007

We took Dina to Boat Quay and let her sit on the statue of the big bird. She likes to say "Dat-YOO whenever she sees a statue. She puts the emphasis on the second syllable of all her two syllable words. dra-GUN! foun-TUN! moon-CAKE!

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More photos from the Chinese Outfit Photo Shoot at a nearby temple.
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Dina got a special outfit for chinese new year and we took her and Aiken to one of the many nearby temples for a photo shoot.

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Dina went with Aiken on her favorite ride in the whole world - the Barney car. For $1 Sing the car will move around (not so exciting) and sing 'Wheels on the bus' (extremely exciting). Posted by Picasa
Dina had a nice time hanging out with her cousin Aiken when Zhalgas and Gainee came to visit. Posted by Picasa
Dina had some fun playing in the ball pen at the mall.

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Dina took a ride on the MRT in January 2007 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Zhanar and dina pose by a classic old door on club street. Posted by Picasa

After Dina's morning nap, we went to Christmas Brunch at the Hyatt on Orchard with a couple other familes. Dina had a great time, and wasn't even scared by "Monseur Santa Le Terrible".  Posted by Picasa

Dina is just starting to get the idea of opening presents. We spent most of christmas morning opening presents with Mom-mom and Pop-pop over a Skype video conference...  Posted by Picasa

Christmas Morning. Dina's most visible present was the Moose from Ikea. We liked it because it reminds us of Vancouver. Dina likes it because it rocks... and it's scary. She's wearing her "flower" pajamas. She likes to point at the pictures and say "Gul" which means flower in Kazakh. Posted by Picasa

Christmas eve family photo. The camera was on it's tripod on the stairs. The phot just before this one is a picture of the stairwell, taken as the camera did it's slinky impression down the steps. But it seems to have survived quite well. Posted by Picasa

Dina liked touching the tree. I was surprised by how gentle she was. As far as we know, she didn't pull any ornaments off the tree... but zhanar did put a couple little stuffed animals in there for her to pick up. Posted by Picasa

On Christmas Eve, Dina practiced her costanza pose by the tree. Posted by Picasa

The 5-foot-way on our street is a great shelter from the sun and rain. Some of the shops down below were cluttering it up with chairs and tables until recently. The good old government must have cracked down or something, and I say hooray! Posted by Picasa

Dina got her first taste of crab on Saturday... but she tried the Butter Crab instead of the Chili Crab. She was scared of the shells at first, until this one did a little song and dance for her. Posted by Picasa

We had a pleasant breakfast one morning at the Epicurious Cafe just by the river near our apartment. Posted by Picasa

She still loves reading Posted by Picasa

Dina had a great time in the fountain at Vivo City... the water comes out at random intervals and a couple times Dina got curious and started looking straight into the hole when the water was off -- and got a big squirt right in the face when it turned on. But she loved it. Posted by Picasa

Dina looks older when she sits in the itty bitty chairs at Corduroy Cafe. Posted by Picasa